How to Play/Rules

Forecast5 is a competition of skill run by individual clubs and organisations to fundraise. Forecast5, part of Sports Innovations, is a sports solutions and software company and not responsible for the running of individual club competitions. All final decisions regarding rules and prize money are the responsibility of the club.

The following are competition rules for the clubs and entrants:

  • In order to enter the monthly competition, entrants must sign up to a monthly subscription by tapping on “Monthly Subscription” on the menu button within the app
  • Once the subscription has been set up, the €10 is transferred directly to the club’s bank account and will appear as a live subscription at the top right-hand side of the F5 app
  • At the start of each month a new competition is launched which lasts for the entire month
  • Each week, five fixtures are sent out to the entrants and they are invited to predict scores for the matches for the forthcoming weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Once the forecasts are completed, the entrant will be put into a league table to compete with members of their club or society
  • The competition week closes approximately 30 minutes before the kick-off time for the first match on the following Saturday. Picks can not be made once the game week is closed off
  • Once the five matches have concluded each weekend, F5 will enter the final scores into the app and the tables will be updated by allocating the following set points for successful picks:
  • Correct Score: 5 Points
  • Correct Result with correct score differential (3-1 = 2-0 etc): 3 Points
  • Correct Result: 2 Points

At the end of each month, the players at the top of the table will be the winners. It will be a decision for each club, what percentage of the monthly subscription will be allocated towards prizes and how many entrants will be allocated prizes.

All previous leagues can be seen by tapping the ‘Previous Leagues’ tab and all previous forecasts are visible by tapping the ‘Previous Forecast’ tab.


For all other questions please email or phone 01-5414747

1When does a game month begin/end?
The game month begins the first weekend of each month to the last weekend of each month.
2What happens when the end of the month and the new month begins the same weekend?
For e.g., if the 31st falls on the Saturday and the 1st of the next month on a Sunday, all matches for predictions will be on a Saturday only. The new game month will then start from the following weekend.
3What is the deadline for users to predict their scores?
Users will be notified by text when a game week opens. Typically, users can predict up to 2.30pm each Saturday.
4User not receiving emails/Texts?
Has the user checked 1) Their junk/spam folder for emails being sent from Forecast5 2) That they are subscribed (in the profile of the app) for texts and emails.
5The user wants to change the scores after predictions have being made?
Users who made their predictions must confirm their picks for the second time to verify. It is up to the discretion of the organiser of the club whether scores can be amended prior to the game weekend. Scores will not be changed after matches have being played.
6How can users’ details be accessed for those who have signed up?
All users and their details can be found in the reporting section of the admin panel.
7I cannot access the admin account on my phone?
This is available on desktop only.
8How do you cancel a user’s subscription?
Users can cancel their subscription by accessing their monthly subscription and pressing ‘cancel subscription’ (username and password will be needed). Users can also be cancelled through stripe and deleted from the system on the admin panel. (Forecast5 cannot delete a user until Subscription is cancelled).
9Cannot access the app?
Make sure username (not email address) is being used to access the app. Click “forget password” if password is forgotten and a link to reset your password will be emailed.
10Player has a query on points allocation?
1) The how to play/rules on the app shows users the points breakdown for results.
2) Email for more information if needed on results.
11Predictions not made and matches results are 0-0. Do you get points?
No, points will not be allocated if you did not confirm match predictions before game week closes.
12User is showing €0 on their app but have paid their subscription?
1) Delete and download app again as they may be running off an older version.
2) Access stripe to make sure subscriptions are up to date.
3) Contact
13User requires a refund?
All refunds are processed through the club’s stripe account which is managed by the club.
14Users app frozen and not working?
Has user
1) Turned phone off and on
2) Deleted and reinstalled app.
15How are winners paid at the end of the month?
All subscriptions will transfer into the club’s stripe account and subsequently their bank account. The club determines how winners are paid.
16How are points allocated in the FA Cup?
Points are based on 90 minutes only. Penalties and extra time are not included.
17How do you cancel a club account?
Please contact Forecast5 to cancel an account.

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